Processing magnetic cards by TPVs and ATMs

Processing magnetic cards by TPVs and ATMs

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The processing of magnetic cards by POS (Point of Sale Terminals) and ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is the advance of cash in CUP from the processing of a credit or debit card, either by POS or by ATM.

In any CADECA office in the country you can withdraw cash through the POS, you only have to present your identity document and your magnetic card with the amount you wish to withdraw, you can choose the denominations in which you wish to acquire it. Once the operation has been carried out, you will be given two receipts for you to sign as proof of the operation, one of which the client will keep.

In CADECA the total amount of the card is not consulted, in addition the operation is personalized, you must be the holder of the identity card with your magnetic card.

Multifunction ATMs have been installed in Terminal No. 3 of the José Martí International Airport, Matanzas Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport and Holguín Frank País International Airport. These ATMs provide a Freely Convertible Currency Exchange service in three currencies: Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR) for Cuban Peso (CUP), as well as international credit card withdrawal operations. They do not process debit cards of the national network, nor do they accept bills with denominations greater than 100.00, and they do not exchange coins for more than 1000.00 CUP.

The international magnetic cards authorized are: