Sale of ETECSA Cards

Sale of ETECSA Cards

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In CADECA, the sale of ETECSA coupons is offered. Our Exchange Houses now online with the world.

If you wish to communicate by public and fixed telephones:

 Own Prepaid Cards of 5.00 CUP and 10.00 CUP

 Own Recharge Cards of 5.00 CUP, 10.00 CUP and 20.00 CUP

Do you want to recharge your mobile balance or surf the internet?

We provide you with the Cubacel Prepaid Cards 125.00 CUP, 250.00 CUP and 500.00 CUP and the International Recharge Coupons 50.00 CUP, 120.00 CUP, 125.00 CUP and 500.00 CUP.


At CADECA we offer much more than a Safe Change.